Initial D AE86 meeting at Tsukuruma Circuit

Tsukuruma Circuit (Nasu Motor Sports Land) has become quite famous and was hosting an Initial D AE86 meeting past weekend. Nori Yaro, who keeps his Beans-can AE86 parked there, visited the Tsukuruma Circuit to cover this event.

He uncovers a few nice detail about the last minute event:

The city of Shibukawa (known as Akina in the anime) recently placed various Initial D themed manhole covers throughout the city. This makes it a really nice sightseeing tour when you hunt down all of them.

And they even turn out to be a great automotive otaku attraction:

The video itself doesn’t focus that much on Initial D, but also on the culture around the AE86. A fun fact is this owner has more sets of wheels than most people would have shoes:

In the video you will find someone who competed with the Drift King (Keiichi Tsuchiya) during his freshmen years 40 years ago. This person bought his AE86 new and still owns it! After the first six minutes Alexi gets to drift the Beans-can, so enjoy this awesome video by Nori Yaro:

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