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— General trivia —
Q: Zenki? Kouki? Levin? Trueno? SR5? GTS? speak english please?!?
A: These are names that reflect the different models of the Hachi Roku. They mostly are japanese terms and not always restricted to Hachi Rokus.
Zenki means early or something of the sort and reflects to the model year 83-85
Kouki means late or similar and was build between 85 and 87.
Levin means lightning and is the name given by Toyota to the series of Corollas that have fixed lights.
Trueno means thunder and is the name given by the Toyota to the series of Corollas that have popup lights.
SR5 is a term Toyota uses over the range to indicate that the car is a luxery edition. For most Hachi Rokus this meant power windows, AC, power steering and the less powerful 4AC engine but there are variations of this. In some countries these cars had the chassis code AE85.
GTS is a term Toyota means for their faster versions of the car. For the Hachi Rokus this means that it has the more powerfull 4AG engine and the LSD but no power steering or AC or other stuff. Again there are variations, some countries did not get the LSD, some countries had extras like aero kit or other.

Note that there are more variations of Hachi Rokus but they are all basically the same, often only the trim or wheels differ. SR5 and GTS are the more commonly used names to point to the difference in engines.

Last but not least, we have hatchback and coupe versions. Now this naming has alot of contraversie because in different countries different names were used. Toyota sold both the 2 door and 3 door versions as coupe’s in all countries but in countries where both models were sold the 3 door was often refered to as hatchback or liftback. In the end nobody seems to agree on the naming;)

Read more about it here: AE86 models and types (zenki and kouki)

Q: Where can I get manuals with information about my Hachi?
A: We have five manuals for download on this site:
AE86 Body Repair Manual EU/AU (100Mb):
AE86 Body repair manual (EU/AU)

AE86 Wiring Diagrams EU/AU (1983) by Parrot (5Mb):
AE86 Wiring Diagrams (EU/AU)

AE86 Wiring Diagrams USDM (1986) by Parrot (5Mb):
AE86 Wiring Diagrams (USDM)

4A-GE Manual (92Mb):
4A-GE Manual

4A-GE Diagnostics Manual by Parrot (8Mb):
4A-GE Diagnostics Manual

4A-GE Blacktop Manual from unknown source (15Mb):
Chapter 1 – Preperation (500Kb)
Chapter 2 – Service Specifications (600Kb)
Chapter 3 – Charging (1Mb)
Chapter 4 – Engine Mechanical (4Mb)
Chapter 5 – Ignition (600Kb)
Chapter 6 – Lubrication (800Kb)
Chapter 7 – Cooling (1.4Mb)
Chapter 8 – Electronic Fuel Injection (5Mb)
Chapter 9 – Starting System (900Kb)

Official manuals also pop up from time to time on ebay and the likes so keep an eye on those.
Read more about this here: AE86 Manuals

Q: My headlights turn on everytime I press the horn!
A: Well it would seem you have an electrical problem, try looking at these schematics, they may help you find the fault:

Q: I need to order some parts, what part number do I need?
These days ordering OEM parts is getting more irritating. The Toyota dealership often doesn’t have the Hachi in their system anymore. Having the right part number handy can save you alot of frustration.
we have two threads that can help you out:

First a technical section with part numbers for JDM parts:
Japanese Toyota AE86 part numbers

We also have a thread with links to the EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) that you can install on your PC:
Toyota electronic parts catalog ( EPC )

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