Toyota color codes

Colour codes

This is a mirror of the disappeared pages by Stepho. Revived through the internet archive.

These are colours that I have found in various Toyota reference books and brochures.
They are not complete.
They are not accurate enough for colour matching real paint.
Within each group, lower numbers are for older colours.
Higher numbers (or letters) are for newer colours.
Please email me if you have more colours and fabric types.

Thanks to Jonny, Chris and Greg for providing some of these codes.

Some more colours are listed at …

Auto Color Library.



Code Name Effect Colour Colour 2
001 White Spica
007 White Sprit
030 White
033 Pure White
035 White
040 Pure White, Super White, Glacier White
041 Ivory
045 Glacial White
050 White
051 Diamond White Pearl
056 Artic White, Natural White
058 White
061 Diamond White
128 Silver Met
136 Off-Black Met
137 Silver (light) Met
139 Silver (dark) Met
182 Ash grey Met
191 Midnight Met
193 Opal Dawn
196 Pewter Met
199 Lucerne Silver, Alpine Silver Met
1A0 Quicksilver Met
1A1 Brown
1A6 Gun Metal Met
1B1 Champagne Pearl
1B2 Thruxton Met, Antique Sage Pearl Met/Pearl
1B9 Silver
1C0 Millenium Silver Met
1C3 Riverock Green Mica
1C4 Silver Stream Opal
1C5 Silver Strata Met
1C7 Thunder Gray Met
1C8 Lunar Mist Met
1D0 Cold Steel, Liquid Silver Met
1D2 Thunder Cloud Met
1D4 Titanium Met
1D6 Silver Sky Met
1D7 Silver Shadow Pearl
202 Black, Ink Black, Ebony, Astral Black
205 Satin Black
209 Black Sand Pearl
210 Raven, Carbon Blue
2AB Sea Mist upper
Gun Metal (1A6) lower
2CE Astral Black (202) roof
Lucern Silver (199) body
2FC Imperial Jade Mica upper (6Q7)
Thunder Gray M. (1C7) lower
2GF Diamond White Pearl upper (051)
Lunar Mist M. Accent (1C8) lower
2HG Antique Sage upper (1B2)
Lunar Mist M. Accent (1C8) lower
2HH Mineral Green Opalescent upper (1B2,6R6)
Lunar Mist M. Accent (1C8) lower
2P3 Blue
301 Scarlet Prominence
336 Red
337 Red
352 Orange
367 Red Met
372 Red Met
373 Red
381 Orange Met
387 Marron Met
391 Red
395 Red Met
396 Maroon Met
3A9 Red Met
3E5 Sunburst Red, Lucifer Red
3E6 Sunset
3F2 Red
3H4 Maple Red Met
3H7 Flame Red
3H8 Regency Red
3J6 Solar Red
3J7 Henna Red
3J8 Bordeaux
3K4 Ruby Met, Sunfire Red Pearl Met/Pearl
3L2 Rosso
3L3 Damask
3L5 Magma Red
3P0 Red, Cherry
3N2 Mahogany Pearl
3N5 Red Flame Met
3N6 Vintage Red Pearl
3N8 Sundown Red Pearl
3P0 Absolutely Red
3P1 Impluse Red Pearl
3P5 Black Walnut Pearl
401 Pluto Beige
421 Manly Brown HM
464 Beige
472 Gold Met
474 Copper Met
484 Orange Met
489 Beige
496 Beige
4A4 Beige Met
4D2 Silver Met
4Q2 Desert Sand Mica
4Q3 Cognac Brown Mica
4Q5 Gold Dust Met
4Q7 Chestnut Pearl
501 Yellow Porrima
503 Yellow Shelf
511 Yellow
520 Fancy Gold Met
534 Pure Yellow
541 Yellow
576 Solar Yellow
583 Satin Gold Met
586 Vintage Gold Met
587 Dorado Gold Pearl
601 Green Altair Met
614 Soul Olive
679 British Racing Green
6A1 Yellow Green
6A8 Black Met
6C3 Brilliant Green Met
6C5 Pure Green
6L1 Fern Green Met
6M1 Goodwood Met
6M3 Silver Spruce Met
6N0 Silvery/Brown
6N5 Forest Green Met
6NR British Racing Green
6P0 Lakeland green Met
6P2 Stratos Green Met
6P3 British green Met
6P9 Peppermint Met
6PS Green
6Q7 Imperial Jade Mica
6R1 Woodland Pearl
6R4 Electric Green Met/Mica
6R6 Mineral Green Opal
6S3 Rainforest Pearl
701 Orion Turquoise Met
705 Aqua
707 Casual Turquoise Met
719 Tarny Met
742 Aleutian Blue Met
746 Aquamarine Met
748 Crystal Aqua Met
750 Watersilk Met
751 Galway Green Met
752 Blue (Teal)
756 Tropicana Met
761 Aqua Ice Opal
768 Galcier Met
802 Blue Ocean Met
803 Scandanavian Sky
804 Cobalt Firmament Met
861 Light Blue Met
869 Blue
888 Light Blue Met
8B6 Caribbean Met
8E2 Ocean Blue Met
8E3 Trafalga Blue Met
8E5 Persian Blue
8H6 Atlantic Blue
8K8 Brilliant Blue Pearl
8L3 Atlantis Blue Met
8L4 Atlantis Blue Mica
8L5 Sapphire
8L7 Blue Royale Met, Stellar Blue Pearl Met/Pearl
8L9 Denim Blue Mica
8K0 Sapphire Met
8K4 Hawaiian Met
8K5 Pacifica Met
8K8 Caspian Met
8K9 Azure Met
8M6 Galaxy Blue, Spectra Blue Met
8N4 Constellation Blue Pearl
8N6 Bluestone Blue Met
8N7 Sailfin Blue Pearl
8P2 Seafoam Blue Met
8P4 Indigo Ink Pearl
8P5 Blue Moon Pearl
8P9 Blue Marlin Pearl
8Q0 Stratosphere Mica
8Q3 Blue Met
930 Aberdeen Grey Met
931 Silver Birch Met
933 Purple Royale Met
934 Purple Heather Met
936 College Blue Met
K01 Artic White (056)
K03 Sea Mist
K04 Astral Black (202)
K06 Damask (3L3)
K08 Magma Red (3L5)
K10 Jade Green
K12 British green (6P3)
K14 Blue Royale (8L7)
K72 Natural White (056) upper
Millenium Silver Met (1C0) lower
K73 Millenium Silver (1C0) upper and lower Met
KF8 Millenium Silver Met (1C0) upper
Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) lower
KF9 Thunder Cloud (1C0) upper and lower Met
KG0 Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) upper
Millenium Silver Met (1C0) lower
KG1 Black (202) upper
Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) lower
KG2 Sunfire Red Pearl (3K4) upper
Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) lower
KG4 Dorado Gold (587) upper and lower Pearl
KG5 Dorado Gold Pearl (587) upper
Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) lower
KG6 Imerial Jade Mica (6Q7) upper
Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) lower
KG7 Glacier Met (768) upper
Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) lower
KG9 Stellar Blue Pearl (8L7) upper
Thunder Cloud Met (1D2) lower

Colours starting with K have lower body cladding.

Lower body cladding


U1B9 QuickSilver Fx
UCA46 Light Grayish Beige Metallic
UCA76 Medium Gray Metallic
UCAA0 Silver Grey
UCAA1 Dark Grey
UCAA6 Gold
UCAD7 Warm Silver
UCAD8 Cool Silver


The first 2 letters are the fabric type.

Code Seat Other trim
FA fabric ?
FB fabric ?
FD fabric vinyl
FG fabric vinyl
FG fabric vinyl
FJ fabric vinyl
FK fabric vinyl
FL fabric vinyl
FZ fabric vinyl
KB knitted tape yarn vinyl
KD knitted tape yarn vinyl
KF knitted tape yarn vinyl
LB vinyl vinyl
YD fabric vinyl
ZD perforated foam coated vinyl leatherette vinyl
ZF perforated foam coated vinyl leatherette vinyl
ZH perforated foam coated vinyl leatherette vinyl
ZJ perforated foam coated vinyl leatherette vinyl
ZZ perforated foam coated vinyl leatherette vinyl

The next 2 letters are the interior colours.

01 Ivory for seats, rest is olive brown or beige
Seat front is ivory with FD material
02 Ivory for seats, rest is olive brown
03 Ivory for seats, rest is olive brown
04 Ivory or beige for seats, ivory for large trim, black for small trim
10 Grey, Moon Mist
11 Grey, Moon Mist
12 Grey
13 Blue
14 Grey
15 Grey
16 Grey
19 Grey
20 Grey seats, Black rest
21 Black
22 Black
23 Black
25 Black
31 Dark Wine
40 Oak
41 Olive Brown, Light Brown, Oak
42 Olive Brown or Light Brown
43 Brown
45 Light Brown
61 Very dark Blue
81 Blue
82 Blue
85 Blue

Interior colour codes and patterns do not match very close across different years and models.
This means that a 1997 Camry with code 11 may be different to a 1997 Corolla with code 11.
Both will probably be different to a 1980 Celica with code 11.
Each will have a different shade of the colour and a different pattern.
All you can say is that a 1997 Camry with code 11 will be the same as another 1997 Camry with code 11.

3 thoughts on “Toyota color codes

  1. Sir,
    I have a pre-owned Land Cruiser, 1992, HZJ80R-GCMRS, the colour code is 045, but actually the vehicle is maroon red
    in colour. It appears the vehicle is either repainted, or the body has been replaced.
    The trim code is LA10. I could not find the listing up here. I suppose it will be grey, vinyl seating, in a 10 seat
    arrangement (first and second row seats facing forward, and the last row side facing). My car has only 2 row of fabric
    seats, front facing.
    So, I just want to confirm what to expect.

  2. my lorry was painted in toyota 934 purple heather in 2017
    the touch up paint is too dark as I guess my lorry has faded
    can you give me the RAL number or suggestion for faded purple heather! thank you Corinne

  3. I have a pre-facelift Hilux Surf SSR Limited with fabric bucket seats and a trim code of JT11.
    It is model N130, 2 generation 05.1989 – 07.1991, with mine being built in the last month before the facelift model
    started production. Paint and trim codes are on the VIN plate as “Paint Code 6J7 JT11”

    I do not see JT as a type of material for seats. I do see 11 as Grey, Moon Mist. While they are of a grey overall tone,
    they have a patterned inset middle panel and more plain bolster sides.
    From 6 feet away the inset panel looks to have horizontal darker stripes where the diagonal darker lines are darker
    due to a higher number of shorter lines amongst the longer lines. Up close they just appear to be a myriad of
    diagonal darker lines.
    The bolster area appears to have a diagonal weave, so the fabric forms a repeating texture of windrows, which
    from a distance look like a diagonal pattern, but appear to be the same colour up close.

    If anyone can help with the correct name for the colour and fabric, I will try to obtain an original cover from
    Amayama, which has a multitude of seat cover part numbers!

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