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Q: I want to swap my engine. What options are there?
A: It depens on your needs. Wink

First of all, here’s an overview of all 4AGE engines:
Overview of 4age engines by Talasas

If you want more power swapping it for a different unit than the 16v 4AGE would require a lot more work than swapping it for another 16v. Wink

Next easiest would be swapping your engine for a 20v 4AGE, 16v 4AGZE or just turbo it:
evfan42’s 4AC -> 20v 4AGE swap
surfingdrums’s 4AC -> 4AGZE swap
Veiss’s 4AGTE turbo project

Another option is to build a 7AGE yourself and swap it for that. It gives a lot of torque for a limited budget, however it has a lot of downsides like less revs and the HP remains the same.
H7ERO’s 7AGE bible (many people based their 7AGE upon his setup)
TE71Corolla made his AE71 a 7AGE

Another less likey swap (but worth it) is a 3SGTE swap, but you will need to swap the bellhouse, transmission and (recommended) the axle:
TurboRolla’s 3SGTE swap
Discussion thread about 3SGTE swap

And if you really need power you can always swap in exotics like the SR20 and the CA18:
TE71Corolla’s SR20 swap
There is no writeup about the CA18 conversion, however there currently is one car on the forum which already had that conversion:
Scuderia rollator CE86 ( CA18 )

And if you want the other options:
AE86 Engine swap discussion

Q: I need to adjust my crossmember to place a different engine. What are the measurements?
Assassin10000 did measure them and created this picture:
AE86 4AGE Crossmember measurements

Q: What type of oil and how much oil should I use?
A: Underneath is a list of oils that you can use for your Hachi Roku. We’ll leave it up to you to deside the brand. Please realize that most Hachi’s are now over 20 years old and unless you’ve rebuild your engine you should use oils meant for such engines. Pick a good quality mineral oil, they aren’t expensive and perfect for your engine. Suddenly switching from mineral oils to synthetics, eventhough synthetics generally are better oils this can have adverse effects on the live of your engine. We’d also advise you to stay away from oil addatives unless if you are in serious racing. Always ask yourself: if there are members on this board that have treated their engine right, changed to new mineral oil regularly, don’t floor the pedal when the engine is cold, get their car sideways as much as they can when its hot, and still manage to get over 300000 km before their engine gives out, why in heavens name would I risk damaging my engine by using some crazy addative or switching to some mega expensive full synth racing oil? Don’t waiste your money unless you seriously know what you are doing.
Engine : 3.8 liters 10W40 (a little less if you don’t empty the oil cooler, you may want to go to a bit thicker or thinner oil depending on temperature)
Gearbox : 1.7 liters GL4 (don’t use GL5 or you could kill your syncho’s!)
Differential : 1.3 liters GL5 for LSDs
Read more about the subject: What oil do you need for the ae86?
Note: Using ATF oils for your gearbox is said to work great aswell especially on old gearboxes.

Q: I’m not fast enough at the traffic light! I want to shift faster!
Well you can shave a few microseconds off with a quickshifter! Very Happy
Buy it at T3 or through ebay, or make your own. We have a nice little writeup for it:
Do it yourself short/quick shifter

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