What is the Toyota AE86 Sports Package?

There was an optional factory AE86 Sports Package available for both the Corolla Levin AE86 and Sprinter Trueno AE86. This package changed over the years many times, but mainly consisted of a set of spoilers and side skirts.

What is this AE86 Sports Package all about?

So what was this package? When did it become available? How did it change over time? What did it cost? Why wasn’t it available outside Japan? And why are these parts still sought after today and fetch insane prices? In this video everything will be covered!

Strange option package

The infamous Japanese Sports Package really was a strange option to begin with: you had to order it before the manufacturing of your AE86 began. Just like the type of alloy wheels, sunroof or power windows. In Japan there were also dealer-installed options like air conditioning, cassette radios, child seats and sunroof wind deflectors. It’s unknown why the Sports Package wasn’t just part of the dealer options and accessories to begin with.

More in depth details are given in this video!

Availability of the AE86 Sports Package

The package itself was only available in Japan from somewhere around July/August 1983 till the end of production in May 1987. Outside Japan there was no sports package available, but some parts of the package were available as standard or options on the AE86s sold abroad.

In the US and Canada the bumper was a complete assembly, so the front spoiler was part of this. This meant in the US and Canada only the mud flaps and rear spoiler were available as optional parts.

In Europe every country imported their own cars. Most pre-facelift cars did receive the front spoiler, but only some of them also got the rear spoiler as well. The same applies to the mud flaps: some of them did and some of them didn’t. The facelift was better aligned and the facelifted Corolla AE86 got a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear spoiler standard. The front spoiler of the facelifted Corolla AE86 was only available in Europe (not even in Japan!), so this makes it an unique item.

Availability of the AE86 Sports Package today

Some of the parts in the Sports Package are still sought after today. Many of the original parts have been replaced by aftermarket body kits or were damaged beyond repair. Finding original undamaged side skirts is quite challenging. Also some countries like the USA and Canada didn’t get these parts, so they tend to import them in large numbers which drives up the prices in Japan. Finally the pre-facelift front lip of the Levin and Trueno are being used on post-facelift models to give it a more pronounced lip. This means these lips are getting scarce and that also increases prices. Luckily many aftermarket bumpers, like the J-Blood Front Spoiler Type-2 includes this lip.

How much did the AE86 Sports Package cost?

Now the big question you have right now is how much the Sports Package would have cost you when you bought your AE86 new. I have found a lot of Japanese pricelists online and own four myself. Out of all these price lists I could only find two that mentioned the Sports Package as an option. In both cases the Sports Package was an option that was already included in the salesprice of the car. Does this mean it was free of charge? The strange thing is that this also implies some owners actually choose not to install the Sports Package!

4 thoughts on “What is the Toyota AE86 Sports Package?

  1. Hello, I can’t speak English Japanese
    Google Translation
    I know sports package explanation

    1983 Sports Package 1
    Front lip, rear spoiler, leather steering, leather shift knob

    1984? Sports Package 2
    Front lip, rear spoiler, leather steering, leather shift knob
    +side step

    1985.5 Minor change(kouki)
    Front lip abolished Levin & Trueno
    leather steering, leather shift knob(Version upgrade APEXonly)

    Sports package is side step & R mudguard (98%My memory)

    Fender mall
    Fender mall not a sports package

    1983-1983.4 (ZENKI)
    No options

    Fender mall
    Fender Mall & Intra Wheel (14Inc) SET option
    GT, GTV, GT-APEX only

    1. Thank you very much! This confirms most of what’s in the video. The fender mall (we call that the plastic fender moulding) was present on all vehicles, so we didn’t count that as Sports Package.

  2. This is really helpful,
    Thanks but do you think you can get a price recommendation for each of the package?

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