Regular maintenance

— Regular maintenance —

Q: What sort of maintenance should I do regularly?
A: Well for one you should regularly change your fluids. has a great writeup on changing the 3 oils in your Hachi Roku here:
But it also helps alot to replace your coolent from time to time and not to forget your brake fluid!
<need to add fluid change interval table here>

Q: I heard something about that timing belts are important?
Timing belts are indeed an important part of your engine. The timing belt is a belt that runs on your crankshaft pully and drives your camshafts. It makes sure your valve’s open and close at the right time. These belts wear and they can snap. 4ACs and 4AGs are so called non-interference engines which means that the valves and pistons do not touch eachother when the crankshaft is rotated without rotating the camshaft. In theory this means that when the timing belt brakes your engine should not be damaged but in practice the forces involved mean there is always a chance of damage. Also if you have tuned your engine there is more risk of damage from a broken timing belt.

It is therefore advisable to replace your timing belt regularly. Timing belts should be replaced every 60.000km (40.000 miles). We have a how-to thread about replacing your timing belt:
Timing belt removal instructions

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