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Q. What does Trueno (and Levin) mean?
A. Trueno and Levin cars are like brother and sister. The same goes for their meaning: Levin means lightning (old English) and Trueno means thunder (Spanish). Why Toyota chose the names in different languages is unknown.

Q. Tureno or Trueno?
A. Trueno! Tureno is some silly made up name by the makers of Initial D because Toyota was hesitating about giving permission to use the name Trueno in the Initial D series, so they didn’t have permission yet when the series got aired. After a few episodes the name changed to Trueno and on the official DVD sets the footage of Tureno was replaced with Trueno. Please don’t use the term Tureno: people might laugh and make fun about your posts.

Q. What is the difference between the Levin and the Trueno?
A. The difference lies in the body of the car: the Trueno features popup-lights and the levin features normal fixed lights. This results in a different front section and bumpers. There are more smaller differences like for example the rear lights, but they are not that easy to spot as the front section. All parts are exchangable since the chassis is the same, however the popup-lights require additional electrical devices and wiring.

Q. I heard something about Zenki and Kouki? What models and types exist then?
A. See also this topic:
AE86 models and types (zenki and kouki)

I read a lot about panda, what is it?
A. During the eighties two-tone coloring of cars was a major hype. Toyota offered the AE86 also in two-tone colors. Due to the drawing of the paint in combination with the popular white-black two tone people started naming it panda since it kind of looked like a panda. Available combinations are: white/black, silver/black, red/black, beige/brown, light blue/blue, light blue/dark blue, light green/green, silver/grey, silver/medium grey.
See also the colorcode table.

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