DIY short (quick) shifter

1: remove interiour around gearstick (shifter)

2: losen the 4 6mm (10mm tool) bolts that hold the rubber dust-protection-cover.

3: loosen the 4 8mm bolts that hold the gearstick to the gearbox.

4. lift up gearstick slowly in order to check if plastic cup at bottom of gearstick is loose. (replace plastic cup. about 5 Euro at Toyota.)

5: using hacksaw (metal-blade 1mm thick) cut gearstick 10mm above lower ball-joint.

6: cut metal tube of approximatly same diameter as gearstick to exactly 21mm lenght

7: lengthen gearstick using using MIG/TIG welder & after welding grind down welds to a minimum & reweld – this makes it stronger.

8: using upper gearstick mount – take aluminum block in size 20x80x103mm, Place block below mount – drill the 4 8mm boltholes using 9/10mm drill.

9: using gearstick mount gasket (if not broken when removed) as a measurment (blueprint) take metalblock – measure the inner line & drill-out the center so that it copy´s the gasket.

10: make one more gasket using stock gasket as blueprint.

11: re-assemble

12: you now have 55% shorter throw to your gears.

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