How to install digital gauge cluster

Is this mainly a summary of what has been posted here:

Credits should go to: evfan42, faka_watt and RoninMax

If you want to install one you need to modify the following:

  • digital oil pressure switch (one of a EP71,82,91/SW20/AE92/ST16x will do.)
  • digital fuel sender (part# 83320-19725)

Replace the analog oil pressure sensor with a oil pressure switch and replace the fuel sender with the digital one.

Then you need to modify your wiring loom (RHD cars):
ae86 digital cluster conversion wiring loom

Keep in mind that the

You can find this in an excel file here as well:

I assume after this you can use your digital cluster. If not: please let us know! Thumbsup

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  1. I found a digital sender unit from a cressida 87. My Ae86 has 4AC and only has two wire to the fuel tank. but the unit
    fuel sending has 4 wires. could you help how is the connection.
    [email protected]

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