One owner UK Corolla AE86 sells for over 46K!

Earlier this week a one owner UK Toyota Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86 was auctioned off via Car & Classic auctions for £46,500. That’s more than a Trueno Black Limited AE86 sold for last year! The car isn’t in immaculate state, but the history is why it’s interesting…

One owner Corolla AE86 sells well!
One owner Corolla AE86 sells well at auction

This Corolla AE86 was almost written off!

The paintwork of the Corolla AE86 was damaged by someone keying it in 2006 and the insurance wrote off the car. The owner bought back the car and got it repaired. After 35 years she is getting too old to drive the car hence she auctioned it off.

One owner Corolla AE86 interior looks well preserved
One owner Corolla AE86: interior looks well preserved

Well preserved UK Corolla AE86

The interior looks well preserved. It’s not concours edition, but nothing major has worn down. The same applies to the technical side of this AE86. Also notice the late 1990s/early 2000s car kit installed including the Nokia phone!

One owner Corolla AE86 this side is probably keyed
One owner Corolla AE86: this side is probably keyed

Sold to Ireland?

Given the fact the car was sold for £12,500 when new (£30,000 in today’s money) she made quite a profit on it! The question remains: who would pay such an insane price for a stock UK car that isn’t an immaculate low mileage example? Could it be an Irishman thriving for one of the few remaining UK-spec examples? That would make total sense as for the Irish the UK-spec is what they’re mostly after…

One owner UK Corolla AE86: will it end up in Ireland?
One owner UK Corolla AE86: will it end up in Ireland?

It’s amazing someone hangs on to their Corolla AE86 for so long and apparently it paid off!

Via CarThrottle

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