4A-GE engine rebuild by RSChita

4A-GE engine rebuild by RSChita -> http://www.rschita.gr.jp/4ag/4AG-01.html
translation by babelfish + ZaX

1. Part

the overhaul based engine, the part which you remove Using the special detergent and the chemical, you washed For rust prevention, after the washing the air blowing, it attaches oil directly In order for the dust not to arrive, after the washing you insert in the vinyl sack

2. before the attaching Block

block After the washing it tried painting in the blue Inside blocking it meaning that the rust occurs directly note is necessary The air blowing, it attaches oil

3. Brand-new metal & ring

Brand-new metal and piston ring Also the bearing you call the metal This time the genuine metal was used You hear well, the ‘parent and child metal’ isthe crank metal and the connecting rod metal Under the right of photograph thrust metal

4. Brand-new exchange part

Brand-new gaskets and tensioner – with oil pump

5. Inside blocking

Inside cylinder block Being to wash, very it is clean

6. Crank attachment

The crank is attached There is a place where the counterweight is thin This is feature of the AE86 crank You call the 4AG crank from AE92 commonly it is modified to the size where the counterweight is equal, it is ‘the full counter crank’ っ て person The full counter crank is made profitable in high revolution

7. Block & piston

The piston was installed Correcting the block surface with the oil stone, as for the cylinder the horning/honing being completed When the surface has been warped, the balancing plane research becomes necessary

8. Oil strainer

The baffle plate and the oil strainer are installed The liquid gasket which this time is used (the liquid gasket) the NISSAN genuine products Color is different at each manufacturer, but there is no especially problem However for around the water and one for relationship of oil and the like being to be a type classified by use, when it is one for oil, with problem in case of the る there is here

9. Oil pan

The oil pan is installed This time the reuse item it has done After the washing only the outer part paints

10 Head

Head after the washing Until the sludge to be difficult to fall becomes very clean, many times repeated washing Time is required well enough

11. IN port

It is inside the intake port It removes Bali with リューター and step being attached correction the port is ground lightly

12. EX port

It is inside the exhaust port Step being attached correction and the port it is ground with リューター

13 Head combustion chamber side

It is head combustion chamber side As for surface correction being completed

14. Combustion chamber

It is rise of the combustion chamber Other than correction of the step being attached the plate っ it is processed lightly

15. Combustion chamber & valve

The valve is set Per face correction correction being completed

16 Valve attachment

The retainer – placing in valve spring, you set with cotter pin Valve spring it meaning that the sludge cannot fall has become the brown く The retainer – it is reuse, but the brand-new way it is clean

17. Attachment completion

Valve spring and retainer – completion of set The lifter after this – putting, you set the cam

18 Head & block

The skid base and the head which first have been completed are combined This time cam installation was designated as postponement

19. Cam attachment

It is the cam of of genuine normal the cam is installed

20. Front attachment

The water pump is installed This time it reused You probably will inspect securely whether there is no abnormal play of the axis and an astringency of revolution, If budget there is a room, the new item will be used With trouble the る and exchange is difficult afterwards when and it is worst, with the overheat the っ ちゃ it is in engine blow

21 Cam pulley installation

The rear license plate and the cam pulley are installed The engine it stopped seeming considerably

22. Timing belt

The timing belt is installed Next being to be, it will designate the belt as the new item

23. Timing cover

The front cover is installed In the race/lace car considering operating efficiency, it has not been accustomed, but with the town riding the foreign material entering, being to be connected to belt damage, it does to install and the one which is solved is good, probably will be

24. Tappet adjustment

Thickness gauge is put and tappet clearance adjustment is done This time you adjusted with cold IN 0.15mm EX0.20mm a little more narrowly than standard The bottom of the photograph if the Toyota genuine SST it is, to be enormous is convenient, but the cam which is well enough expensive is not removed one by one and exchange of the shim can do also the て however as for the inner shim failure

25. Head cover

The cam cover washing, peels also the paint of the origin and is done again to paint with the silver – Story of cam cover reuse – sometimes there are some where the inside with the sludge becomes モリモリ, but as for dropping the sludge time is required rather and being to be serious, perhaps the person who searches another cover safety

26. Intake manifold installation

The intake manifold is installed Also the intake manifold washes cleanly with the special detergent The crank pulley – the blast which is reuse processing, it painted

27. Oilfilter

The oil filter of course installation the new item They are the medieval times when the oil pressure sensor is good In order for the rubbish not to enter, the yellow メクラ plug is done in the section

28. Completion

Completion! Job years 1999 November

29. Strengthening cylinder head bolt

Completion! The strengthening cylinder head bolt which job years 1999 November this time is used (the photograph left) Don’t you think? the right side is different genuine products thickness With this in the midst of sale As for genuine volt/bolt to extend installing the metal gasket easily, when you use high revolution with such as circuit, the phenomenon which the gasket comes out with the extension of volt/bolt happens well enough When the gasket comes out, spitting happens to ラジエター With the polo polo and the air bubble increase early condition Coming out completely, the stripe uninformed ドバッ and the ラジエター liquid start blowing with accelerator on ラジエターキャップ is ‘when being hot, opens also the giving ぐ れ’

30. Metal head gasket

The metal gasket 0.8mm of TRD which this time is used thick Genuine being approximately 1.2 to be mm thick, is the meaning that the partial pressure reduction which has become thin becomes high, Unless, the point of caution when using corrects and solves checking the distortion of the head and the block respective aspect, when there is the distortion, the gasket coming out becomes easy to occur

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