Nori Yaro buys and drifts an AE86!

Alexi Smith aka Nori Yaro finally came to his senses and bought himself an AE86:
noriyaro ae86
Well, actually he admits it is an AE85, but it has been converted with all the necessary components including a set Hoshino Impul and Hayashi Streets. He takes it to two AE86 events and drifts the Trueno on Sports Land Yamanashi.

Obviously he made a video covering buying, servicing and drifting the AE86:

In case you want to see the non-stop drifting video he refers to:

Direct link to videos: Buying and drifting an AE86 in Japan – Noriyaro Ep. 2 and AE86 non-stop drifting at Sports Land Yamanashi

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