Antonio Alvendia’s AE86 featured at Petrolicous

Petrolicious and Japanese Nostalgic Car joined forces for the second time and yesterday they released their latest video featuring Antonio Alvendia and two of his AE86s:
petrolicious antonio alvendia ae86
Antonio is the organizer of 86Fest and spiritual creator of MotorMavens. He has been renowned for his obsession with the AE86 and this quote from the beginning of the video describes it all:
I don’t have two of the same car: I have five of the same car. I’m just kind of a victim of a good deal.

You can watch and hear all about the hachi roku in the video below:

A lot of people ask me why I still like these cars […] to me it is some kind of memento and it got me into car culture

Direct link to video: Living The 86 Life

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