Welcome to the renewed AEU86 site!

Welcome to the renewed website of AEU86!

You may have some questions regarding the new website, so I composed a couple of questions and answers.


I can’t log in!

If you are an existing user and want to log in to our forums: all passwords have been reset so you can’t use your old password anymore.

You can use the Lost-Password functionality of the forums to reset your password:

You will receive an email with a link to send a new password. With this password you will be able to log in and it is adviced to change your password to something you can remember:



Why was this necessary?

Well first of all the encryption (actually hashing) of passwords in PHPBB 1.x isn’t that strong and second of all it is incompatible with the one used in MyBB.


What has changed so far on the site?

  1. We have a WordPress blog as a front page
  2. FAQ, How to’s and Technical reference are now subpages
  3. The forum got upgraded from PhpBB to MyBB
  4. Unfortunately we lost the garage functionality. Looking into options to get similar functionality.


Why did it take you so long to do this?

Back in 2006 I modified PhpBB 1.x heavily to make it more secure and more perform better. This obviously made it irreversible and hard to migrate to newer versions and/or different software. As I do this in my spare time it took a while to write a conversion script.

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