AE86 Manuals

We have five manuals for download on this site:
AE86 Body Repair Manual EU/AU (100Mb):
AE86 Body repair manual (EU/AU)

AE86 Wiring Diagrams EU/AU (1983) by Parrot (5Mb):
AE86 Wiring Diagrams (EU/AU)

AE86 Wiring Diagrams USDM (1986) by Parrot (5Mb):
AE86 Wiring Diagrams (USDM)

4A-GE Manual (92Mb):
4A-GE Manual

4A-GE Diagnostics Manual by Parrot (8Mb):
4A-GE Diagnostics Manual

4A-GE Blacktop Manual from unknown source (15Mb):
Chapter 1 – Preperation (500Kb)
Chapter 2 – Service Specifications (600Kb)
Chapter 3 – Charging (1Mb)
Chapter 4 – Engine Mechanical (4Mb)
Chapter 5 – Ignition (600Kb)
Chapter 6 – Lubrication (800Kb)
Chapter 7 – Cooling (1.4Mb)
Chapter 8 – Electronic Fuel Injection (5Mb)
Chapter 9 – Starting System (900Kb)

TRD Multi-ECU for 4A-GE, 2E-E and 2E-T by Jondee86 (1Mb):
TRD multi-ECU for 4A-GE, 2E-E and 2E-T engines

Official manuals also pop up from time to time on ebay and the likes so keep an eye on those.
Read more about this here: AE86 Manuals

5 thoughts on “AE86 Manuals

  1. Thanks for making the 4A-GE manual available. I now know that what’s broken on my old Seca is the water pump.
    Now I need to figure out who can change it as it looks like the engine has to come out to gain access. Not something I want to attempt.

    Again, thanks for this really useful Website.


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