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Latest posts on the forum

Dino86 Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:28 pm
4A-GE stottert bij gasgeven en valt uiteindelijk stil
Ik had roest in de tank. In rechtse bochten viel hij stil en soms stotterde de motor bij accelereren. Starten was wel nooit een probleem. Tank helemaal proper gemaakt en nieuwe benzine filter gesto...
Damn86 Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:21 pm
front and corner lights WTB
I am in search fot complete set or 2 of lights for Levin. I fucked my car last week. And I bought another car tfat is in super mechanik condition, but Bad budy... I in Serbia, Belgrade Danilo...
slowboy2 Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:43 pm
gevraagd onderdelen ae86 1985
ik heb nog een rechter koplamp. heb ik al een tijdje liggen. :P
4000GT Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:02 am
F20C in AE86
Yeah its getting there, not much left to do, will be an interesting drive with 6 speed close ratio box and 4.9 diff revving to 9k :)
oldeskewltoy Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:47 am
OST-026: "My White Hatch"
thanks... the previous "movie" seems like it worked.... so here's another.... and a trusty 2 panel Port #1 from stock to not.... :shock: And with # 1 now finishe...

Latest posts on twitter

    Tall 5th gear for T50 - YOU CHOOSE!

    Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:17 pm by banpei
    MFactory announced they want to produce a taller gear for the T50 gearbox! Only problem: a choice needs to be made on what ratio will be best. The choice is between the 0.767 (good for 4.3 or 4.778) or 0.737 (4.778 and 5.1).

    You can influence that choice by signing up for their first production run and whatever ratio has enough confirmed customers will go into production. They already got 6 votes for the 0.737 and 3 votes for the 0.767 unit.

    You can find the thread here:

    Toyota Performance Magazine

    Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:35 pm by banpei
    We got contacted by the people behind a new Toyota oriented magazine called Toyota Performance Magazine. They already publish the MR2 Only magazine for over three years now, so this sure sounds promising! Smile

    They mainly focus on the Toyota performance cars of the past, present and future and will be very much owners club focussed, reporting on events, projects, Toyotas in Motorsportand and of course new products!

    Their website is already active, so if you want to you can have a look:

    They also have access to our commercial sales subforum and from there they will announce new and upcoming issues.

    So if you have a something new or wish to have a feature on your (finished) project: contact them either through their website or ask us (Mux or me) to pass on the message. Smile

    AEU86 RSS feeds

    Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:14 pm by banpei
    As you may have noticed: there is a new icon on the top menu and it looks like this:
    Forum RSS

    The RSS feed itself has been on the forum for ages now, but the subscription stats show not too many people are actually using this feature yet. So we thought it would be better to bring this little feature to your attention through adding it to the top menu. Smile

    We have three feeds in total:
    1. Frontpage feed
    2. Forum feed
    3. Twitter feed

    Q: Why should I use this?
    A: Well, for starters you can add our RSS feed to your iGoogle, live bookmarks or even to your Outlook mail reader! This way you can always read our latest posts directly when they are published and react faster on your favorite topics! Smile

    If you are still unsure what RSS is or how to use it, then you can find a very good explanation about it here:
    RSS explained

    Retrospect of 2008: an amazing hachi year!

    Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:49 am by banpei
    2008 has almost gone, x-mas is coming up and we're on the verge of moving on to the next year! Cheerleader

    What has happened during the last year? Well, we'll try to give you some of the high and lowlights of 2008. We'll also try to describe it a bit with numbers.

    First of all, the high and lowlights on AEU86:
    - AEU86 shop has stopped due to several reasons. BTW: we still have some very interesting parts in the shop!
    - Mux moved to Australia and found a great job! Smile
    - Now neither admin owns a hachi. Crying or Very sad
    - We got a new main moderator: DJexor! Cheerleader
    - We're on twitter now!
    - Our traffic increased both in uniques, pageviews, hits and data traffic! Smile

    Some high and lowlights in the hachi world:
    - Ian.G finished his project after three years!
    - started a blog about the Hachi Roku! Thumbsup
    - AE86Drivingclub did a makeover on their site!
    - ToyotaPowered is the new name of Club4AC
    - Some rounds in several drift championships were won by hachis, however their number in competitions is still decreasing.
    - A F20/S2000 AE86 kit became available, so this conversion becomes much easier now! Thumbsup
    - Only one hachi (Eric O'Sullivan) made it to the Red Bull Drifting World Championship, however that was an amazing achievement if you look at the competition! Worship
    - The successor of the AE86 has been postponed: declining sales made Subaru and Toyota to decide not to release the car before 2012. Crying or Very sad

    About our traffic increase:
    According to Google we had a 40% increase in uniques and a 7% increase in pageviews. In our own measurments we had an increase of 67% of uniques, a decrease in pageviews while the amount of hits increased with 2% and datatraffic increased with 20%. That probably means more people hotlink our images, but we don't really mind: the 135GB is still far under what we're allowed to do per month. Bring on those pics! Cool

    Then the big question will be: what will 2009 hopefully bring us?
    - 3S conversion kit Puh
    - AZ6 bellhousing Cheerleader
    - 5AG conversion kit by Tomei
    - AEU86 video? Blonde question
    - The confirmation of the Toyota/Subaru successor of the AE86 actually will be released in 2012? Embarassed

    Last impression of the Toyota FR (successor of the AE86)

    For now: AEU86 wishes you a merry x-mas and a happy new year! Thumbsup

    AEU86 4th anniversary meet 11th of october in Valkenburg, NL

    Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:12 pm by banpei
    Just a small reminder: the 4th anniversary is coming up next week! Cheerleader

    This is the parkingplace where we meet:
    Parkinglot AEU86 meet 11th of october
    Nice and big parkingplace. Smile

    The plan:
    12:00 - Meet at Valkenburg (Limburg) NL at parkingplace next to Cauberg
    15:00 - Drive around in the neighborhood according to the route by Djexor
    18:00 - Eat at a local pizzaria restaurant

    This is the route:
    route AEU86 meet 11th of october

    You can find more info and apply here:

    If you need the full address for your navigation:
    Cauberg 29 (not the actual address, but next to the place)
    The Netherlands

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