nice brake upgrade
10-22-2009, 05:59 PM
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nice brake upgrade
you right, 24mm for suere will have better cooling than stock 18mm.
my car will probably have ~200rwhp (jdm f20c) and for suere i need bigger breaks.
that company also have a kit for ae86 with 265mm discs 24mm wide.
they told whay it suit 13inch wheels, it's great option for me.

back again to TRD and N2 racers, can you give me few more information for reflexion about breaks, if you've.
especially about brake fluid recirculators

owau no ka "I"
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10-22-2009, 06:32 PM
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nice brake upgrade
Hi, no problem boo50

First of all, I really didn't think much of brakeproblems until my friends started having huge issues (200-240 [email protected]). Stock power figures really baby the brakes and the increase in loads with extra hp is amazing. All this is assuming that you are a seriously capable driver that can get within 95% of the cars max envellope (aka not me)

The only thing that would work is 20mm x 280mm discs that take their cooling air from the inside (! important..example: 280mm Corrado discs suck air from the outside and would overheat earlier then stock 260mm miata discs). From the inside you can lead cooling ducts to the intakes(must). This combined with the best pads money can buy (either Pagid or Carbone Lorraine) and 4 pot callipers.

After one lap of the nordschleiffe this set-up starts making strange noises and needs to cool down (lap times approx 8min00). Add a 90kg passenger and fading occurs in each downhill sector. Add 40 more whp and fading occurs after 15kms.
The 240whp car is now experimenting with brake duct fans..electric fans forcing air through the air ducts.

Brake fluid recirculators are the second option. Basically they are a check valve that you attach to the inlet and outlet nipples of your callipers. Every time you release the brakes, new fluid is sucked into your callipers and the old fluid passes through the check valve. Usually the check valve is combined with an alloy heat sink to reduce fluid temps. This is a cheap and easy way to reduce fluid temps inside the callipers, but its effectiveness depends on calliper design.

The big trouble with small radius discs is that they have very little surface area to radiate heat. Making them thicker increases their heat sink capability, but doesn't do much for cooling area..that will be your biggest challenge. You are almost automatically stuck with expensive discs..might be cheaper to just run 15s and and off the shelf brake sets.

Good luck

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10-23-2009, 02:53 PM
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nice brake upgrade
we don't have tracks like nordschleiffe here in Russia, Moscow.
actually at the moment we've only 1 track in region ! Sad it's small and it's expensive, because of monopoly.

the lap time is ~1min, so there are no space to burn discs like on nordschleiffe, but new tracks are builded at the moment, let's see what will happen in the future.

at the moment I'm preffer to go with that kit from compbrake, especially in future it's easy to upgrade with biggers rotors and new mounting brackets

also I've found GroupN and GroupA AE86 setups:

Group A
Cylinder bore: 41.3mm / 4 pistons
Disc dia and thickness: 259.6 / 25.4mm

Cylinder bore: 50.8mm / 2 pistons
Disc dia and thickness: 264.2 / 20.7mm

Group N
Cylinder bore: 57.2mm / 2 pistons
Disc dia and thickness: 248 / 22mm

Rear are stock
Cylinder bore: 34.93 / 1 piston
Disc dia and thickness: 231 / 10mm

with master cylinder and lines upgrades for suere.

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10-23-2009, 04:02 PM
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nice brake upgrade
But 8 times a minute is also 8minutes...

The GroupA specifications have a chance of stopping a 200whp car.. I would stay away from groupN or anything less then GroupA.

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04-06-2013, 11:35 AM
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nice brake upgrade
hm sorry for reviving such an old topic but i was googling for my brake setup and i can't believe i missed this.
Its perfect for what i need but i dont know compbrake as good as ap racing.
Is this a good brand?

this is the setup they offer now
TOYOTA AE86, PR4 4pots, 265x24mm BRAKE KIT

would be for oem ae101 4AGZE
when we drove with the oem engine we nearly did 2 hours in a row ... on circuit

after reading multiple comments on the forums im not so sure anymore.
many negatives ones
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04-08-2013, 12:34 PM
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nice brake upgrade
How different is the setup on the AE86 compared to the Aw11 mr2?

I have ST165 GT4 twin pot calipers on the front of mine and they are a direct swap as long as you have got the caliper carriers.

Easy and cheap to do.
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