What is Initial D
08-16-2004, 06:09 PM
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What is Initial D
The anime (cartoon series) Initial-D stars Takumi Fujiwara, at the beginning of the series an 18 year old highschool kid who has absolutely no interest in cars or driving. Together with his best friend Itsuki he works at the local gasstation. Itsuki loves cars and can't stop talking about getting one for himself now both he and Takumi have gotten their drivers license.

The gas station manager is an old friend of Takumi's dad. Also working there is Iketani, a young man who Itsuki really looks up to because he is the leader of the local street racing team called the Speedstars.

As Itsuki ones again rants about wanting to be a street racer Iketani offers to take him along that weekend as they will be driving the mountain roads that night. Itsuki offcourse wants to go and drags Takumi along with him.

That night however, the racing team of a neighboring town called the Red Suns show up. The Red Suns challange the Speedstars to a dual in one week and offer to do a practice run that night. Itsuki and Takumi are left being has Iketani wishes to drive alone when he drives seriously. It is however obvious from the start that the Red Suns are far superiour to the Speedstars and the Speedstars go home very worried about the race next week.

That night however, the 2nd best driver of the Red Suns, Keisuku, keeps driving around the mountain in his RX7 FD. Suddenly he sees a couple of light in his rear view mirror. Within minutes an old Toyota Trueno AE86 has caught up with him and it doesn't take long for the Trueno to overtake him. He is left behind wondering how in heavens name his race tuned FD ate dust from an absolete old Toyota.......

As the week passes nobody knows who the driver of the Toyota is. The Speedstars sweat it out as they know they will loose while Keisuku really wants to see this toyota again and get his revenge.

As it turns out, Takumi is the driver of the AE86. Unknown to anyone but the gasstation manager, Takumi's father was a legendary streetracer years ago. As owner of a Tofu shop the past 5 years he has send his son out onto the mountain to deliver Tofu. Takumi, not liking cars or driving at all, has done this 4am trip up and down the mountain and somehow doing so has howned his driving skills to an almost unmatched level.

The series follows Takumi's discovery of street racing. Slowly Takumi becomes more and more interested in driving. Besides stunning race scenes this series follows Takumi's life in areas aswell setting a really nice story line where a young silent boy slowly evolves to a great race driver.


What probably makes this series even more special is its link to the real street racing scene in Japan. Although always being a cartoon much care is taking into detail and keeping the series as believable as can be.

Stage 1 features 26 episodes,
Stage 2 features 13 episodes,
Stage 3 is a feature lenght movie
Stage 4 is currently being aired in Japan.
There are also some additional "special" stages.

The manga (strip series) is already past Stage 4 and the anime seems to follow it fairly closely.

In Japan Initial-D has been a box office hit for years remaining one of the most popular anime series ever.


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09-12-2014, 02:36 AM
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What is Initial D
sweet thanks Big Grin

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01-17-2020, 08:07 PM
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What is Initial D
I don't know where else to post this, and I don't want to start a new thread for it, but I used to hate Initial D. In 2004 a friend of mine (a huge weeb) saw my 86 and he was very excited about lending me some VCDs of the show. Trouble is, I don't think it was available in English at the time and so I had to guess the plot. I gave up after watching one CD, told my friend that the show was trash and then spent the next 15 years hating the fact that Initial D ever featured an 86. If you wanted to really piss me off, then you just had to show me a panda Trueno with the tofu sticker on the door.

Strange thing is, I've recently watched some of the episodes that were translated and even played a few of the video games. Nowadays I don't think the show is all that bad. I'm still not a fan, but I don't think its trash anymore, and some of the games are fun enough for what the are.
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