How to test coil with igniter
03-21-2018, 12:02 AM
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How to test coil with igniter
Hey guys,

I have some problems getting my engine running. Somehow i don't get a spark.
Starting the engine with or without the 'coil with igniter' gives me same result, so i bet it should have something to do with the coil w igniter.

What I did to test the coil:

1. Testing primary resistance between coil + and - terminals = 1 Ohm
2. Testing secondary resistance between coil tower and + = 12.6k Ohm

So my guess is that the coil is fine.

The igniter gets juice:

1. Red=12v, Yellow=5v and one giving a changing 0-2.5v when cranking.

I got new ignition cables. Could it be my distributor?

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03-21-2018, 09:54 PM
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How to test coil with igniter
Perhaps you got some connectors mixed up?
Happened to me once with one of the sensor connectors long ago.. accidentally swapped it and the car just would not run.
Testing spark should be easy by the way... pull a plug wire and use it with a spare sparkplug that you ground on the chassis..
See spark, then you know that's ok. Test for fuel pressure at the banjo to see if fuel is arriving. If those 2 things are present then
it's either sequence or injectors going wrong..

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03-22-2018, 10:01 AM
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How to test coil with igniter
To test the coil (alone) you always could do it the simple way by hot-wiring it.
Wire the + of the coil directly to the + on the battery (disconnect the rest) and just touch the - of the coil with a loose wire connected on the other end to the - of the battery.
The coil need only a few milliseconds to fire (dwell) so don't connect it too long on the - or you will fry it.
Also don't forget to connect a spark plug on the output or it will arc at your hand.

By the way, did you check if your distributor was aligned properly ? if the rotor is not aligned with one of the post on the cap when the ECU try to fire the coil you obviously don't get any sparks.

Finally, ESA (MAP) or VAST (AFM) ?
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