Corolla GT Coupe - Royalty Black
11-02-2018, 10:20 AM
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Corolla GT Coupe - Royalty Black
Thank you all....

Since my last bits... haven't touched my AE86....

have a few things to work on... but no motivation because i have no time! Smile
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06-15-2021, 11:17 AM
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Corolla GT Coupe - Royalty Black
10 Year update on my thread.

This year marked the 10th year of ownership of my car...

Haven't touched it since the last update.... Switching the exhausts doesn't count....

I have a couple of things i want to work on and one final bit to purchase.

First things first:
- Assemble the AE86 OEM intake system with the 2T-G plenum I've purchased from Ebay. Pics later.
- Remove the BCracing coilovers and install the Cusco shocks + TEIN struts in the front with TEIN front springs and rear TRD/Impulse springs....
- Install a brand new wiring harness
- Finish my 2nd 4AGE Blacktop assembly

As a final bit to purchase, i need wheels.... I am seeking a set of decent retro wheel package to suit my car.
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07-16-2021, 01:45 PM
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Corolla GT Coupe - Royalty Black
Hey Pack,

I am planning on converting my black kouki hatchback Levin to a hatchback panda Trueno. (zenki edition)

Only the front-end parts need to be replaced.

I did some research and I found out I need:

- Trueno fenders
- Trueno Hood (fiberglass)
- Trueno bumper (jdm zenki)
- Trueno grills
- Trueno logo[img]
- Trueno pop-up headlights-
- Trueno fender lights.
- Trueno headlight switch

Thats as far as the external parts go. The internal parts however are a different story. I don't know what internal parts I need to get evertything working and what internal parts I can keep.

Can you help me out with this?
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09-01-2021, 02:01 AM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2021 02:13 AM by pack.)
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Corolla GT Coupe - Royalty Black
Hey gh0st,

Well... basically study the wiring diagram and buy some wiring (there's a really nice wiring company in the UK).

You will need two relays (the blue one under the dash and the black one behind the battery).

The lights circuit is very different from the headlight motors circuit, therefore you only need to feed wires back to the relay below the wheel and also feed from the Trueno headlight button ofc Smile

And it's done... really simple to be honest

2021 Update on my project

2020 was shit.

This year I've decided to remove the BC racing coil overs and I'm fitting atm a Cusco suspension with Tein Springs in the front and TRD springs in the back.

I'm also adapting a Celica 2T-G airbox to the 20V running the OEM intake system of the AE86.

As soon as i have more pictures i will post them here.

Also since the new suspension is incompatible with the wheels i have i will buy a set of SSR MK2 wheels in 14' size.

But I'm running RX7 brakes in the front. So, I'm also dropping them to return to the OEM brake system.

Loads of stuff... but the car is finished (or at least for now).
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01-14-2022, 04:43 PM
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Corolla GT Coupe - Royalty Black
It all started here....

"....The buy - All started out in January 15th, 2011. That night i couldn't sleep, woke up by 7a.m, with only a couple of hours of sleep, my dad drove me to the register department to sign up the paperwork.

It was mine finally!...."

So this is a pre 11 Year Ownership post to maybe summarize this small adventure with the AE86 a car that is now part of my DNA and also helps me forget sometimes the issues in life just by working on it!

So... what happened?

2011 i thought, wow, i have an AE86 and now I'm going to slowly put it back together and in the future paint it and... that's it!

No! I was wrong! On the 1st of January 2012, i've crashed my car into the bridge!
With the help of friends i got it back together and also with people from this forum, i was able to recover it back to Trueno!

Mid 2012 to 2013 was a year of discovery! I've adapted the digital cluster with the digital fuel sender in my AE86, and I've run silver top ITB's with the 16V using a mega squirt!

It was really good! 10HP tunning it myself!

But... i lost reliability!

So..... in 2014 i was already with the car stopped, 16V engine out! And gambled all in into the 20V Blacktop madness!

And guys.... what an engine! Totally different from the 16V the 20V screams for track! And that was it! Trackdays with my AE86!

I've upgraded basically everything i could.....

Coilovers, RX7 brakes, 15inch wheels with semi-slicks on them... you name it!
It was all about power!

And so, as we keep growing up and being adults... this fever of tracks transformed itself into something more.... "i just want to drive this car...."
And that's what happened! I've come across some manuals, read a bunch of books, used my Japanese skills and really transformed this car...

It is now a more JDM standard model, no big exterior stuff, and the interior is all pretty much original needing a bit of TLC.

Spec list after 10 years ownership:

- Trueno kouki spec;
- SSR MK2 2x 7.5x14 ET-6, 2x 8x14 ET-6
- Dixcel SD Front brake rotors
- Dixcel EStype Front brake pads
- Dixcel PD Rear brake rotors
- ProjectMu HC800 Rear brake pads
- TEIN front struts with Cusco inserts and 8kg Tein springs
- Cusco camber plates
- Rear Cusco shocks
- Rear TRD 5.5Kg springs
- Full Bushing Kit Prothane
- Cusco adjustable Tension rods
- Cusco tension rod mounts
- GPR4 fabrications Panhard bar
- Cusco Front Sway bar
- Cusco Rear Sway bar
- 4.55 Liteace Final Drive
- OEM Kouki LSD
- Redline Rear Brakes
- DEFI link kit (oil pressure, oil temp, and water temp)

- 20Valve Blacktop
- Spare 20Valve Blacktop (in the works)
- SQ distributor kit
- Mishimoto Radiator
- 5Zigen 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
- HKS Hi-Power 409 Exhaust
- Fujitsubo LegalisR Exhaust (spare)

Wow... this is a big list...! hahahha

That's it!

Tomorrow it marks the 11th year with the AE86 so.... let's keep pushing!
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01-14-2022, 07:18 PM (This post was last modified: 01-14-2022 07:19 PM by banpei.)
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Corolla GT Coupe - Royalty Black
Congratulations on your 11 years of owning an AE86! Hurray!
Having seen it in person, it really is a stunner! Thumbs up!

1982 - TA60 Carina 4dr sedan - fun cruiser
1983 - AE86 Sprinter Trueno - import project
2013 - Honda Civic sport - daily driver
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