AE86 in Hong Kong
05-14-2007, 05:32 PM
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Well depends a bit on what you want I guess. I went there on the romantic tour offcourse since I met my wife there Smile

One thing I unfortunately don't know to much about is the car scene in HK, it doesn't interest my wife and it doesn't seem to interest my brother in law either (or maybe he has some secret life......... Wink ).
I heard all the guys drifting head for China in the weekend.

The shopping around MongKok is great, there are some great stores and all the big car dealerships are there aswell. Plenty of tuning shops and after market shops and all that. Nicely stockpiled on modeling kits and other fun stuff aswell. Also PLENTY of places to buy both legal and illegal DVDs, Initial D, Best Motering, etc. Also found many stored selling related mercendise, ID watches, ID model kits, ID mugs, ID etc.Smile

Never found anything AE86 related though last time I did end up all the way to Chai Wan (if I am not mistaken and not Wan Chai), they have a place there with loads of garages and such. I ended up at a TRD dealership there that could get TRD stuff relatively cheaply, but never got in contact with them through email afterwards unfortunately. Very long trip by subway though.

Subway system is great btw.

If you love science stuff like me, the science museum in Tsim Sha Tsui was great, also really nice place to walk around with shops, heck the whole road from Tsim Sha Tsui to MongKok can keep you busy for daysSmile

Then there is the theme park Ocean Park which is great. When I first went there we approached it from the rear and all you see is a steep mountain with 3 or 4 rides hanging out on the side of it. You think, whow scary, and then you thing, only 4 rides? But then you get to the top of the mountain and the place is big Smile
There also is a disney land these days but I haven't been there yet.

For romance, definately visit The Peak, no idea how to get there anymore, but its a big lookout post on the top of one of the higher mountains.

Also you can take a bus trip to the big buddah statue. Damn long trip and the day I went it was way to hot, but its a fun trip.

Other places I can think of are Central, which is the main island, loads of stuff there, also able to take ferrys to Discovery Bay and some other islands that are great places to relax.
Causeway bay is great, I believe stanley market is around there which is supposed to be nice. What I remember most though is a restaurant where they have about 20 domesticated cats walking around in the restaurant. So while you eat cats come sit with you want such (yeah I'm a cat lover).

Well plenty more to do probably Smile


Bastiaan "mux213" Olij

Moved down under, no more hachi Sad
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