AE86, What does the Original Wheels look like?
01-19-2011, 09:46 PM
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andyling Wrote:I heard GTV is the highest Spec correct?
Depends on how you see it: GT (2 door) and GTV (3 door) models were targeted in Japan as the no-nonsense performance spec while the GT Apex spec was targeted as the grand tourer (hence aircon, powersteering and such options)

andyling Wrote:also, what does 1.5 LSD mean? compare to the two way LSD?
I will do some weekend trackdays maybe, Is 1.5 LSD good enough?

Wikipedia Wrote:If there is no additional coupling on over run, the LSD is 1 way. This is a safer LSD: as soon as the driver lifts the throttle, the LSD unlocks and behaves somewhat like a conventional open differential. This is also the best for FWD cars, as it allows the car to turn in on throttle release, instead of plowing forward.[2]
If the LSD increases coupling in the same way regardless of whether the input torque is forward or reverse, it is a 2 way differential. Some drifters prefer this type as the LSD behaves the same regardless of their erratic throttle input, and lets them keep the wheels spinning all the way through a corner. An inexperienced driver can easily spin the car when using a 2 way LSD if they lift the throttle suddenly, expecting the car to settle like a conventional open differential.
If the LSD behaves somewhere in between these two extremes, it is a 1.5 way differential, which is a compromise between sportiness and safety.
In other words: for most track drivers it should be more than sufficient. Wink

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