Parrot's Sprinter & Levin shed
07-30-2009, 12:53 PM
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Parrot's Sprinter & Levin shed
Finally got my TE27 arms from the US. Latest pickup, a complete wiring loom from a 2TG TE27 in Japan, plus some KYB 8 ways for the rear. It has to be 'period' mods if you ask me.

Have got a lot of parts for the 27 now. The gauge cluster and instrument cluster, centre console with original clock & radio, accel pedal, tailshaft, gearbox and engine crossmembers, pedal box, correct brake booster and master, induction box and filter housing, 8 way rear KYB's, new levin guard badges, seals and so on.

I've got a couple of RA28 rear ends which I'll get cut down and converted to leaf spring. With the steering arms, I can put AE86 struts in the front, plus I've got AE86 discs for the rear

Now just looking for the levin script badge for the TE27, plus a drivers side tail light for the KE15. Also picking up various suspension components and hopefully a K-B airfilter from somewhere. Bit worried they will all disappear as almost everything is obsolete, especially for the KE15. Thinking seriously of stockpiling a laminated windscreen for each car.

Haven't actually worked on anything though :0

However, thinking about some short stroke options for the shocks which might get the AE86 off axle stands and allow me to get the KE15 in the shed.
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10-03-2009, 04:05 PM
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Parrot's Sprinter & Levin shed
Been quietly working away behind the scenes locating various parts, mainly for the KE15 at the moment. New brake stuff, suspension components and so on. Still looking for some correct carb kits, and planning an engine pulldown for a suspected cracked piston.

One thing I was super pleased about was my KE15 seats. Was unimpressed by the old style seats without headrests. So measured up the distance between the holes for what were presumably optional headrests (7 inches) and headed for pickapart. Found some black Mark 1 VW Golf seats with separate headrests and they are perfect. You can even adjust the angle they sit at, and most importantly they have plain vinyl on them and look the part.

Have finally finished sorting out the shed, sorting out parts for each car, and tidying up. Now need to get on with finishing the caliper rebuilds on the AE86, putting the drivers door and seats back in, front guards back on (one needs painting) and tightening everything up.

The I will start on the KE15. Today I actually attacked it and removed the towbar which required removing the rear bumper. Can't get over how good the boot is on this car, like new.
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10-12-2009, 01:43 PM
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Parrot's Sprinter & Levin shed
Well have finally got my stock AE86 rear calipers apart. With the kids and everything, I sort of get 10 mins here, 30 mins there to do stuff. I was a bit worried as there is all this talk that you need special tools to strip them down, and the reference about some special tool in the factory manual is rather vague.

Yes you need a tool to turn the piston, but they are readily available at any autopart shop. Seem to need some tool once you unscrew the piston, but in reality, they all come apart easily enough, and you just need some reasonably long internal circlip pliers to get at the circlip in the bottom.

The first one came out with a bit of a struggle since the only circlip pliers I had that were long and narrow enough to just reach were fairly buggered. The second caliper one I couldn't get at due to the orientation of the circlip lug holes.

So next day down to Repco where they had them on special at $12! Had the other circlip out in 10 secs. If you have the right tool for the job, goes so easy. The piston spindle is a bit of a prick to get out due to the O ring at the other end making it difficult to pull out. So just screw the piston back onto the spindle a bit and you have something to actually grip and pull. This didn't work for the second caliper, but by very gently levering under the lip either side of the piston with two flat drive screw drivers, it popped out easily.

Inside, the caliper was filthy, with barely any crappy dried out grease. I can't believe they were actually functioning. So now I need to get on with reassembling them! Then once this set is done, I will get on and rebuild a second set I have to go on the TE27.
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