Lots of AE86 Rallying, but so sad landing
01-01-2008, 01:00 AM
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Lots of AE86 Rallying, but so sad landing
Mux213 Wrote:
matt mead Wrote:i agree with banpei... i reckon ur more likely to lose your 86 to some crap driver running into u in peak hour then you are on the race track...

my car happly sits in th garage, and comes out for track days Smile

it built to get thrashed not be a family car Smile
Hey matt,

but there is a big big difference to us crazy dudes running around trackdays, which are relatively safe due to us keeping a good margin of safety, and those really crazy dudes driving +150kph through tiny forest roads in road rallies with no margin of safety and only a rollcage and helmet saving your life.

Still great respect for those rally drivers, its an awsome sport. Seeing hachi's rally brings up mixed emotions, its great to see our cars in such a great competative sport, but at the same time I have to agree with the sentiment here, so many of the cars end up at the scrappers so easily this way.

On the other hand, the amount of effort and time most of these rally guys put into bringing their hachi back into racing condition after a crash... more often then not the crashes don't mean a total loss... I think we'd be surprised how many cars are still salvaged from those crashes...

so true... rallying is another sport all together... i nav for my mate who has a sprinter rally car in aussie... hes had about 3 to 4 crashs... hes fixed them all up and the car still looks perfect on the outside... i good cage usually saves these cars... just hope u dont bend the cage....the best thing about those types of guys is they will work there ass of to fix them when there bent to make them right again... i think he has 3 or 4 spare shells in his back yard to dontate parts to his car... his is also a coupe so its very rare in australia

but rallying has big risks... but the nuts behind the wheel are pretty switched on and know how to punt them right... but every good driver will crash... u need to find your limit some how???
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