AZ6 Swap Available!
04-09-2007, 08:37 PM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
"AZ6 Swap Available!"

I just got off the phone with Rob Golden(owner Pineapple Racing) and the news is VERY exciting! The final engineering on the AZ6 swap is coming along after a long delay. The progress is so encourging that we are now taking pre-orders!! Rob has set up a new email EXCLUSIVELY for this.

"[email protected]"

Ok... why pre-order?

Well there are a few reasons...

* First, We need to know how many people are buying so we can prepare the caster and machinist. Since this swap is not a HUGE production run we need to book THEIR TIME NOW! These folks are fitting this tiny project into their massive regular production schedules. If we don't get pre-orders we'll never be able to book them and orders will get strung out... and nobody wants any issues like that.

* Secondly MX5 or RX8 AZ6s are not the only AZ6's in the world, the AZ6 is used in the later S15 and the Lexus IS200Altezza(SXE10) and it was brought to my attention that shipping an entire transmission would add a considerable shipping cost. Rob and I talked it over and to accommodate ALL interested parties there will be three "kits" available, including a kit with just the minimum parts.

* Finally, the total bolt in kit project (kit 3 below) is still based on MX5 AZ6 availability**, the sooner your in, the sooner we can track down a viable AZ6s to fill your needs.

kit 1 - just the casted and machined adapter and the grafted/splined input shaft... you supply the AZ6!! - $995.00
kit 1a - the cast adapter, the input shaft a shortened tailhousing and shifter rod, a correctly sized driveshaft. The tail housing and driveshaft are both CORES... Pineapple can not supply these, but they will have your CORES properly modified to assemble a complete AZ6 swap for the AE86 - $2200.00
kit 2 - AZ6 swap - adapter, AZ6 transmission NOT shortened - you finish - $2200.00
kit 3 - complete AZ6 swap - adapter for bellhousing, AZ6 transmission(shortened, ready for a bolt in to the AE86) $3200.00 (not too bad... our target was $3000 last year)

Well I've done what I promised... With massive help from Pineapple Racing, a transmission upgrade was developed to replace the less than desirable T50. The T50 is, and always was the real weak point of the AE86 drivetrain, slow shifting, poor ratios, etc. The three kits are being offered as a response to you.. the AE86 community from all over the world... since you asked for more ways to afford this.

Now it is ALL up to you.... send Rob an email [email protected]

for more details check out this thread....

this is a new email... Rob said it would be up soon.... if you get a failed message, I'm sure it will be working before too long.....

The new email is to express your interest... and ask your concerns.... Rob is a VERY upstanding PROFESSIONAL businessman... and has been involved in more projects than I can describe. Being the professional he is, means he is VERY busy... If you want to "chat" about this... by all means post here... or in the other thread...I'll be happy to answer what I can.... PLEASE keep the [email protected] email for those who are TRULY interested, and have EVERY intention of making a purchase of one of the three available kits.

Dan -

You can |Sad .... OR you can ask for help!!!

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04-09-2007, 09:03 PM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
I'm glad to see this has finally made the progress it deserves. I won't be able to afford the change for at least a year but rest assured it's something I feel confident in doing if I can locate a good condition AZ6. Well done on getting to where you are now Thumbs up!
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04-10-2007, 01:49 AM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
An AE86 with MX5 tranny would really be a better car :wink:

Just for you people to know, greek guys here fit FD RX7 gearbox to the most powerfull Miatas. Just one more option, I guess...

danielvanderwoude Wrote:looks like the nmwisima joke saved you in the end
[Image: AEU86 AE86 - AZ6 Swap Available!]
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04-10-2007, 06:44 PM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
Could we possibly put up a list of which vehicles this gearbox originates from. To make tracking down a little easier for those interested in the conversion?

I also believe there are some differences across varying cars.

EDIT: Found
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04-12-2007, 12:56 AM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
The AZ6 is fitted to Mazda's MX5 and the RX8, it is also fitted to Toyota's SXE10 and Nissan's S15.

Now I know based on the AZ6's design that there are three main housing parts - the tail housing, the center span or section, and the front housing integral with the bellhousing. This adapter would be part of the front housing - in essence rear half of the front housing, the part that encloses the gearset. I KNOW the center section of the RX8 and the MX5 is the same... Rob Golden works on both.... I ASSUME that it will work on the SXE10 and the S15 versions because of the design by Aisin Industries.... economics demand as low a cost as possible... and all are AZ6 family so I ASSUME it will fit the Nissan and the Toyota/Lexus....

Now is it a fair assumption??? Everyone must decide on their own.... I can only give you the information I have. If I(we) had an S15 or SXE10 version I'd be happy to test fit it.....

btw... I check currency conversions today... €741, or £504... and for any Japanese readers..... ¥119000

A further update as to why the "pre sale"......... with the adapter almost finished the engineering moves to the input shaft. I've had many questions from the Aussie HR forum asking me about the "grafted" input shaft, and how we are doing it. I've been vague because Rob hadn't finished his thoughts on it....

There are a few options related to the input shaft.

The crudest would be to machine the two ends similarly to the BMW logo... slip one over the other. The shaft that would have the split would also get a fastener holding the two parts together... this would then finally get a compression sleeve slipped over the joint.

The next is to spline both shafts and put a splined slip over both.

there is discussion of welding a larger diameter input shaft onto the AZ6 shaft... machining the new end to be true and the proper diameter, then resplining, and finally retempering

Finally there is the possibility to make a short T50 input shaft that on the none spline end, is splined on the INSIDE and receives the AZ6 input shaft.... in a 1 or 2 thousands interferance fit.

Dan -

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04-12-2007, 08:20 PM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
a new option
-input shaft
-tranny mount
-tail piece
The client is required to send us their tail housing from their AZ6, their AE86 driveshaft, and a mechanical speedo drive. They will then get back all the parts correctly modified to bolt in your own sourced AZ6!

Dan -

You can |Sad .... OR you can ask for help!!!

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10-22-2007, 10:14 PM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
so, Say I wanted to source my own Transmission, where do you supposed I go about that, and how much would it cost?
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10-23-2007, 06:57 AM
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AZ6 Swap Available!
sources for AZ6 transmissions

MX-5 Miata



Dan -

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