n1 ecu ae86
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n1 ecu ae86
So a while ago i bought a weird ecu from japan Smile
Apparently from n1 ae86 circuit winning car or so they say.
(i believe n1 is like group n over here?)
Anyone know the brand and or can see something on the circuitboard
Looks like they changed the chip or so on it?

the number reads 175731-0460 and it looks very different to the ae86 oem ecu i also have.
What also is weird is that the sticker is in english,maybe from Australia or nzd?

n1 ecu
[Image: AEU86 AE86 - n1 ecu ae86]

oem european ecu
[Image: AEU86 AE86 - n1 ecu ae86]

[Image: AEU86 AE86 - n1 ecu ae86]
[Image: AEU86 AE86 - n1 ecu ae86]
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n1 ecu ae86
as far as I'm aware N1 is a slightly more restricted class then N2 (known from the bodykit mostly) and probably only allowed modification to a genuine ECU (i.e. no daughter boards like freedom ECU etc...)

EDIT: found it http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/408...ge__st__15 scroll down towards the end of the page.

by the looks of yours it might or might not have an altered chip. If it's altered you would need to find out to what specs it was altered too. Also as mentioned in the link above pay attention to the possible difference in pin out.

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10-06-2015, 08:21 PM
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n1 ecu ae86
thanks for info Smile

this is what i found on n1
N1 was very limited modifications, I have a Japanese AE86 book which explains all the classes from N1 through N2 to Group A, lots of pics but unfortunately in Japanese, think of them as modified street cars, suspension mods, minor engine mods, exhaust manifiold had to be kept, complete inlet tract including airbox etc. Going off the photos I have in this JDM book(If anyone knows Japanese I can scan and send the pages as they look like they go into quite some detail on the classes) Standard size brakes, but coilovers allowed, engine looks completely standard except for oil catch can, interior looks completely standard except for drivers seat and cage. From what I can work out they are discussing the merits of a 3dr body over a 2dr body due to the 3dr having better drag figures(cd 0.35 for 3dr vs cd 0.38 for 2dr), instrument cluster is different (aftermarket guages) rim size looks like 6x13 or 6x14.

Like I said if someone can translate Japanese I'll scan the pics but there is bloody heaps of pages in this small book dedicated to the classes and then on some guy building one up and racing it.

Hey, N1 is still being continued in some parts around Japan. I raced my ae86 in N1 for 2 races last year, I'm pretty sure it was Japan only.
What Frak said is correct, it is a very limited class basically designed for lighly modified street cars. However most of the cars that ran in it, although street registered, did not really get driven on the road very much.
There are restrictions on engine mods, bigport 4age - extractors OK, intake manifold was std only, HG OK, Cams std only, computer std, I knew some guys ran a small port block with a bigport head though.
They ran a control tyre (Dunlop Direzza star spec in either 14" or 15", obviously the 15s were more popular),
There were certain restrictions on weight reduction too... must run original doors and body, FRP bonet and front guards and hatch were ok, as were perspex rear glass. Most guys stripped absolutely everything out of their cars to make them lighter.
Suspension mods, like Frak said, coilovers were OK but LCA, rear arms and all sus pick-up pts had to remain standard.

yeah someday i will test it and check the pins.
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10-06-2015, 09:55 PM
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n1 ecu ae86
According to your description you might expect a bit more Torque in the 3-5k rpm range then with the added compression ratio (seems to be the only mod allowed).
Toda has an N1 header/exhaus system (fairly loud I asume) http://www.toda-racing.co.jp/en/product/...4ag-4.html

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