hi aeu86 forums. i'm a noob and i have questions.
09-18-2007, 10:41 PM
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hi aeu86 forums. i'm a noob and i have questions.
hi, i am a noob. just a pure noob. well i don't have a car yet, i don't have a job yet, i got my license though and i don't know how to drive manual transmission yet.

do you think it'll be easy to find a ae86 in minnesota. how much money do you think it'll cost to repair up a used ae86 to make the paint look clean, the front and rear bumper to look clean. you know clean as in the one in initial d clean where theres no scratches and broken up looking.

also if i buy one and it gets a old messed up engine, how much do you think it'll cost for a new engine? is it even possible to find the engine that the ae86 nowadays? is it possible to repair up a used old destroyed ae86 engine? because i see that a lot of old cars are messed up and i think the only ae86 i can find near me is a messed up one. thanks.

since theres no way to tell how much it'll actually cost to repair and repaint. what's the price range? give me the range from the worst to the least. thanks.

i am a noob so go easy on me thanks.

EDIT: oh yeah, is there anything else i need to know? what's the price range for a ae86? edit: also i'm a big loser in real life, i don't have any friends, i'm turning 18 in early october. so if you want to be my friend please be my friend. and if you live near me, it'd be great if you can teach me how to drive manual transmission in my own car when i get a ae86 or a s12 or s13 or s14 if i can't find a ae86.

crap, i just found out this is a european forum =(
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09-18-2007, 10:53 PM
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hi aeu86 forums. i'm a noob and i have questions.
Quote:crap, i just found out this is a european forum =(

Don't worry, we have USA members here Cool
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09-19-2007, 12:12 AM
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hi aeu86 forums. i'm a noob and i have questions.
Hehe, welcome mate,

As jamiemirror said, there are US guys here and we even have a US section so maybe some of our US guys can answer some of your questions that we Europeans are clueless about Big Grin

Btw, lighten up man, don't downplay yourself so much!

Can you work on a car yourself? Or do you want to learn? An AE86, like most old cars, really is a car that can get expensive if you can't work on it yourself. Most work on the car is easy to do, even if you're new, aslong as you're willing to learn. Information for doing normal maintenance is easy to find.

Don't go worrying about paintjobs and engine swaps just yet, find yourself a car thats relatively rust free and has a good motor, these engines last and last and last, though most of these cars now are used for drifting so that wears em down quickly, have to look out for that...

Best other advise I can give you, spend the time you have till you get your drivers license to read, read read and READ about these cars! There is plenty of info out there that will help you buy the right car and maintain it and make sure you know what to expect. Also keep in mind, its not really a good beginners car, its an old RWD tricky fun piece of kit Smile

And as for driving manual, well I'm europian, 99% of the cars here are manual, I have trouble driving an auto Big Grin


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09-19-2007, 12:18 AM
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hi aeu86 forums. i'm a noob and i have questions.
i'm a complete noob man, i don't even know how to drive manual transmission yet. i don't know how to change oil and tire, i never had a car before. i want to learn! i really do. and yeah man i already got my license 2 years ago but sadly i never had a car, i only drove a automatic before and i haven't drove more than 24 hours yet! so that means i'm a pure fresh noobie.

edit: also i have another question. i'm so sorry, this may sound super ridiculous you can laugh at me if you want but what are the blue things sticking out of the engine?

[Image: AEU86 AE86 - hi aeu86 forums. i'm a noob...questions.]

also i saw a pic of a 85 hatchback and it looks so much like a 86. can somebody tell me the differences in everything? thanks.

also how much does it cost to do a total cleanup of your engine? like everything even the inside to be clean. does the toyota company do this for you if you pay them? and how much?
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09-19-2007, 09:17 AM
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hi aeu86 forums. i'm a noob and i have questions.

You really should get out there and drive, driving is learned by experienced, not by the little paper you get the day you get your licenseSmile

As for learning to work on your car, if you have the right attitude, you'll get there, start with reading alot, that helpsSmile

As for the blue wires sticking out, not sure what the proper term is in English, but they are the wires that ensure electricity is supplied to your spark plugs which in turn spark to ignite the fuel that make your car goSmile

As for the difference between the ae85 (or SR5 in the USA) and ae86. The body basically is the same. 85 just has a less powerfull engine. If you look at the picture, thats a 16v twincam engine from an ae86, you can see it written on the top of the engine block, the ae85's engine looks completely different, it has a big round thing on the top for one Smile
Other differences include differences in the interiour and non visual but still important, the SR5 has weaker suspension and has no limited slip differential (if you do not know what that is, type it in on google Big Grin ).

Basically if you buy an AE85/SR5 you can change it to an AE86 'relatively' easy because the body is the same, you just need to swap engine, electronics, suspension, etc. Alot of people did that because the AE85s are easier to get and a couple of years back it was also relatively easy to get a rusted or wrecked AE86 from the junker. You would use the 85 for the good body, and the 86 for the mechanical parts. But alas, we live in 2007 and supply has basically ran out.


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