Cheers from Germany
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Cheers from Germany
Hello from Germany I'm Michi and I want to say Hello Wave

First of all my passion with Japanese cars startet in 2009 or 2010 when I started drifting but at that time I couln d afford a Japanese drift car so I went down for some BMW e30 to start drifting.

3,5 or 4 Years ago I bought the AE86 from a old guy who owned the car since the beginning. The model is a white, booter, sunroof, afm and kat... model. When I bought the car it was completely stock and had around 85k km on the clock. Now the car has around 101k km on the clock and is lovely to drive.

If you are interested I can post a little spec list from my oem plus 86

So again Hello Wave

Thats the car i Think one year ago

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12-29-2021, 05:05 PM
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Cheers from Germany
Your car looks nice dude, welcome to the forum.
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12-29-2021, 10:55 PM
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Cheers from Germany
Welcome! Wave
Great to see you found one in such good shape! Thumbs up!
And I love to hear more details: I did know the facelift (kouki) version of the German AE86 was available with either cat and non-cat engines. What I didn't know was that it used an airflow meter. I (wrongly) assumed it would use the same engine as in Japan and have a MAP sensor in the inlet to do the calculation. Huh

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12-30-2021, 10:39 AM
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Cheers from Germany
Hi and thank you maby I can manage to post some pictures or the links.
Yes its the kouki version and unfortuneately with kat and AFM. This year I went for toda cams etc but it did not work out as expected so i decided to change the exhaust and convert to afm.
My first intention was to go for a arduino wich read the signal of the afm and than go for a hot wire. The arduion sould translate the signal from hot wire 0-5v to the 0-9 or 12v from the afm...

But than I got some parts for the map conversion and that was the way for me. Due to the good shape of the loom I decided to make the swap without changing the inner loom only the EFI / Engine loom. Maby I can post that or make a short video bc I did not find many informations of the conversion.

thanks for the welcome and I will post the current spec list of my oem + car

- Toda cams 272 in 264 out
- Toda cam gears
- Toda belt
- Clear cam cover
- ARC airbox
- Conversion to Map
- Tomei Fuel pressure regulator
- Tomei Fuel pressure gauge
- T3 Cooling panel
- Fan Shroud
- Oil Temp & Pressure Defi
- Watertemp aftermarket
- Wideband AEM
- TRD wires
- Wrinkle Cam covers
- Heat shield
- Martelius Header
- TRD oil & water cap
- Wiechers cage
- No Bitumen
- Bride Seat console
- Recaro Spg and Ideal seat (both confetti fabric)
- Nardi Classic steering wheel
- Steel Shift Knob
- Steel Drift Button
- Defis in Radio
- Water Temp
- Red Seat belts
- Apexi SAFC 2 black edition
- GFK oem copy fenders
- Painted white line
- Lip in the front
- Small black stripe
- Hemi exhaust
- Levin badge
- VFL grill
- Fog lights in grill
- Glas roofwindow (instead of electric steel)
- Wind deflectors
- Tow hook in the front
- Cobra Springs
- Bielstein dampers
- Silver camber plates (BMW M caps)
- Dome brace
- Evolved Roll center Adjusters T3
- Group D 4 Links one side PU
- Group D Panhard one side PU
- Sway bars AE86 world
- PU bushings black
- Nankang NS2R 185
- Rays Volk Racing Artisan Spirit FIN 14x7 offset 0 14x7,5 offset -10
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12-30-2021, 11:23 AM
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Cheers from Germany
Welcome and very nice car and specs indeed.
Do you have more pictures?
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Cheers from Germany
(12-30-2021 11:23 AM)r.ave Wrote:  Welcome and very nice car and specs indeed.
Do you have more pictures?

Yes I can but my question is how to get the pictures small or the best upload page. So I have 3 - before the Map conversion and after.

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01-03-2022, 10:14 AM
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Cheers from Germany
Looks good!!

I think the best way to upload is through
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