4AGE with Eaton Supercharger?
12-28-2010, 01:13 AM
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4AGE with Eaton Supercharger?
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12-28-2010, 11:56 AM
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4AGE with Eaton Supercharger?
NoHachi Wrote:
MatthewG Wrote:thats even better! cause you can "change" the hp output easier with a boostcontroller then with a (expensive) set of different pulleys...
for my personal taste, turbo is the best way for a forced induction engine,.
i love the "turboboostpunch" !

Thats the thing about boost.. you just add boost and whoppa magic hp. What they don't tell you is the 200E you spend on intake piping, or 80E here and there on silicone hose and hoseclamp replacements, the ecu and tuning you need to make power. The 400E for injectors that will sustain 250+hp, the fact that a silvertop wil not survive 200+hp on a regular basis without regular rebuilds. Problem's you'll have with boost leaks, exhaust leaks, things melting under the hood. The new fuelpump for 100E, new thicker fuel lines for 50E. Then you break your first T50 gearbox and have to sink 500E into a W-box and bellhousing adapter, but that might mean a custom drive shaft and time to worry about the rear axle: if you want to drift, it will want to break unless you know exactly what works. Stock hachi brakes are rediculously under sized for big power. So best bet is 600E for Wilwood or FD callipers....etc etc etc
Been there, done that, have the 250whp hachi and the resulting hole in my wallet. Cool

Short story: if you think a PULLEY is expensive, then you have NO IDEA of the real costs associated with a boosted AE86. Tongue

A Rotrex on mild boost is nice but its nothing special and damned expensive. Just a turbo driven of the crank instead of the exhaust.

If I had to do things all over again I would do the following:
Repair chassis and rust proof/waxoil/owatrol/dinitrol the living daylights out of it.
Add poly control arm bushings and new stock 4 link bushes
Add decent suspension, HTS and T3 struts + ARB's and RCAs
Buy capable brakes. Wilwood or RX7
Add a nice full exhaust, over axle if you daily it and don't plan on tortoising over speed bumps. 2.5 inch minimum to make GZE possible later. Header with decent size primaries (again to sustain boost).
Buy nice rims to fit over brakes and complete the look

Take a look at wallet. Decide whether adding power is possible. Choose between 20v (no boost) or GZE. Keep car under 170hp~180hp or so and it will be dead reliable. Go over it and enjoy mucho heat issues, brake pads dissapearing in a single track session. Granading rear axles etc. Really its that simple... ofcourse thats only in my brain and experience. AE86 responds well to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Smile

thats all true! never said that more power will have unlimited lifetime for any components or that performance will cost "nothing".
but for me its clear, that the car is in top condition before any engine performance! as you guys know my car, i would never boost it until its in best technical condition.
every hachi owner/performer knows the weak points of our cars!

you said, that a rotrex is nothing special at low boost, thats true, but why spending money in a rotrex to have the same boostlevel?
every gze owner talks about the magical "200hp limit", with a rotrex you dont have this limit! thats fact! i am also sure that a rotrex have a better hp-output then the other supercharger kinds.

cheers martin
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12-28-2010, 12:49 PM
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4AGE with Eaton Supercharger?
Since I am bored:

There is no "magic" hp limit. The compressor is too small. That means that it makes boost quickly, doesn't rob a lot of power and is 5kg lighter then the next model up. Until 200hp its arguably a very decent blower, above 200hp..well you're into intercooled, ecu'd, other gearbox, other driveshaft, other oil cooler territory anyway. So cost ++

Rotrex is a nice piece of kit, but imho the price cancels out most benefits. With 200E eaton MP45s on ebay its a no brainer. Screw the slight benefits in efficiency if you can save 2000E I say Smile Then again, the price for an eaton+brackets+ecu/piggyback+intercooler puts you near the price of a GZE and then you still miss the boostfriendly GZE internals.. no brainer. Its easy to get completely lost and intoxicated in the world of boosted hp number, but no-one will show off their failures and costs. A reliable 170whp hachi is something of a sweet spot as far as cost of ownership goes and its a seriously quick piece of kit. My 250whp hachi would only outpace it in 5th above 100km/h..who cares?

All of this for the sake of discussion off course. Its an opinion, not gospel.

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12-28-2010, 01:26 PM
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4AGE with Eaton Supercharger?
Well... to be talking about my car...

I have D2 coilover kit - cusco strutbar - HKS mushroom airfilter - Poly-urethane bushings and under car struts...
(dont know what else)
Rust has been dealt with for 99%
Looks are freakin ugly - need to fix some small things like sand the boot and fix corner of carbonfiber hood.
Other than that the car is just superb.

My 4age engine has not run 115.000 KM yet... it is in almost mint condition if you ask me.
Have treated the car to new (normal) brakes all around and also renewed the engine like - belts - waterpump - radiator etc.

This garage I spoke with are gonna talk with me next week about a certain setup either be it silvertop N/A or WITH turbo.
They probably also want to help me out with contests so we'll see what will happen. But when I go talk with him - I will bring the NoHachi story with me Big Grin

-DWG- Drift Wolf Gaming
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12-28-2010, 02:14 PM
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4AGE with Eaton Supercharger?
Okami, take your time and get to know all options.

T50 transmission will not survive long abuse with turboed 4AGE.
If you change transmission, here comes rear end (LSD, halfshafts).
If you change that, you will need more braking power.
If you make it that quick, it would be wise to have rollcage.

After all that, your car cannot be daily any more....

I agree with NoHachi about "sweet spot".
150-180 bhp is extremly fun in AE86, and you will preserve reliability and drivability.

Personally, i would go to different engine/transmission if in need for 200+ bhp for "everyday".
And there is insane number of possibilities for engine/tranny swap.
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12-28-2010, 02:16 PM
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4AGE with Eaton Supercharger?
Its your car and money, so good luck with whatever path you choose. Just remember that garages are great at suggesting those paths that will make -them- the largest amount of money.

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