Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
05-18-2013, 01:49 PM
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Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
He wants to impress his mates, yeah ! Hurray!

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05-19-2013, 01:32 AM
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Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
ive already bout the carbs so i am going for that guys. i guess all ill do is chuck is some hot cams and the carbs see what i get.
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05-19-2013, 11:08 AM
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Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
You can't just put in some high performance cam's.

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05-19-2013, 01:11 PM
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Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
ok, one thing I hate about these topics is that I hear everyone talk about 10k engines. Thats bullshit. I have seen a guy build an engine in his garage and make 193 hp. That was not an expensive engine.

If you want an engine that can keep up and make high HP there is a line somewhere (I don't think many people know it (neither do I)

But you pass that line you are comming into the really expensive zone. Again my personal 4age without ITB's was making 133hp on the wheels and beat the blacktops on the Dyno. Which means it should be making a good 160+ HP.

Now lets say I changed over the ECU gave it ITB's/injectors and different cams + lifters it should easily make another 20hp on the crank.

Now with that. An Omex 600 ECU is about 600 euro. ITB's plus adapter and injectors set you back another 600-750 and the cams I bought from catcams are always 500 euro's for a pair. Just depends what setup you get.

My headwork was 800 euro so do the math. Eventually you will hit the barrier where you need different pistons to gain more compression and change the exhaust (the first bit is pretty ok for upto 180HP from what I have read)

So if you can do most of the work yourself you can build yourself a nice engine for 4000-5000 euro and that is including a different exhaust (martellius ?)

So if you have not ever build an engine (oldeskewltoy you are not allowed to comment on this Smile then please do not state the 10k engine blablabla

I guess the only way you are sure to get a 200HP engine is brining it to a tune shop that knows how to build it and that will probably set you back 10k. But as soon as own labor comes into the account all that data is lost.

And no body wants a Group A engine as it has no torgue/10k RPM and is bound to break.

Looking at the engine Miguel of Newera had in his AE86 that was a 9k 200 hp TechnoPro Spirits engine. But that also needed high maintenance. I rather have a lower RPM high powered engine.

Now back to this thread. If KP is going to build it himself he doesn't know how much power he will make. All he can do is make sure that he has the ingredients for a nice engine and then get it tuned at the dyno to see the result.

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05-25-2013, 03:50 PM
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Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
I totally accept robokill post. And to get 200HP NA, first get 180HP and then see for yourself if you want more. Wink


This is a good guide for the basic things to get 200HP. The compression is really important.

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05-25-2013, 04:55 PM
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Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
The Gr.A rally 4AGE`s THEORETICALLY (Cant stress that enough) Made 193hp at the crank, and thats not a cheap engine.
We are talking TRD cams, TRD valvetrain, PERFECT porting, TRD pistons, TRD/Carillo/Mahle rods.
In other words the whole ten yards, And THEN some, if you want to play it safe with a billet crankshaft.

On a good day you`ll get around 150hp at the wheels, on a bad day it will run like crap..

Yes, theoretically the Webers will beat ITB`s, but thats provided you have a team of mechanics that constantly tune your webers for max performance..
For your kind of use, ITB`s are better because they provide more consistency, yes you might loose 5hp compared to perfectly tuned Webers.
But you know, tuning webers every day costs a crapload too..
While youre tinkering with the carbs and constantly run the borderline of lean mixture, everyone else runs at near peak, and most importantly, consistent power without lifting as much as a single finger.

ITB`s and 20v`s and all that really isnt that much wiring as you think, even an idiot like me managed to do it because I got a custom engine wiring loom, you need similar loom which you connect ito the engine, then you need an adapter for 20v-Adaptronic 420 ECU (For COP`ed & ITB`ed 16v AE92 engine its pretty much the same wiring).
With my crappy car-wiring (Someones been tinkering with it a lot) I still (With a lot of forum help because I`m a newbie) managed to get it running.

If your Webers are made in Italy, you can sell them along with the intake manifold for around 1-1,5k (Italian webers is worth around 1,5k Euros here), AE101 ITB`s with custom wiring loom and Adaptronic E420D costs about the same, and you only need to have someone tune it ONCE.

The reason they used Webers and completely tuned the engine internals with TRD this and that in the 80`s/early 90`s is IMHO because they did not have today`s ECU`s and cheaper engine parts available, today you can get almost 200HP at the crank with just a really good engine builder, AE92 engine, cams & valvetrain mods, porting, ITB`s and pistons.
Thats around 150hp at the wheels, which is A LOT

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05-25-2013, 06:37 PM
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Webber DCOE 45mm for 200hp
I have a 200hp/193Nm (from crank) 4A-G engine with 45 Webers.

42mm stock crank
steel flywheel
184mm Alcon clutch
Accralite 81.2mm pistons
Arrow conrods
stock (used) oil pump
stock OEM head gasket
ARP-bots (head, main, conrods, flywheel)

small port head made by Special Motors Engineering Oy:
Cat Cams -camshaft (don´t know degrees)
stock valves
Arrow cam followers
Martelius exhaust

Toyota 2E/4A homemade distributor
45mm Webers

cost about 5000€ with tune up/dyno

first gen. engine was with stock conrods and Wiseco WK506M81 pistons, still same power/torque...

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