Blaze's AE86
05-06-2022, 06:02 PM
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Blaze's AE86
Hey guys, it's finally time for starting my project! Smile

The Salvage:
It's been quite an intersting trip! We leave Genoa with a trailer on a friday evening, destination Germany. Since the distance between me and the car was 1000km and since we can't go too fast with a trailer, it took us almost 12 hours to reach out destination. But as planned, at 9 am we arrived. A quick check of the car, small talk with the owner, put it on the trailer and hit the road again destination home. After another 12 hours (and a lot of mirror's checking Tongue), and the 86 was finally in her new home, and i can finally go to sleep with a smile on my face!

The Car:
It'a AE86 Toyota Corolla Coupé GTi from Austria, 1984 model. Original color 4E1.
Thing that are missing:
- All of the Interior
- Engine
- T50 transmission
- Rear and front bumper
- All the light (front and back)
- Quarter back windows glass

It still have the rear axle (still don't know if open dff or lsd), no cracker, and all the front wheel assembly, all the brake calipers, front and rear suspension, two side mirrors.

Overall the rust situation it doesn't seems terrible, at least inside the shell and in the front. There are only a couple of points in the back that concern me but nothing that cannot be repaired! Of course i think that something nasty will come out once i start to digging, but we'll see!

The Project:
I will going to make a full restoration of the car, and i'll try to make everything myself, or at least try and maybe aquire a new skill doing so.
I still havent decided, but since i have to buy all the piecese anyway, i was thinking of make it with popup headlight. About the engine i think i will go with the originale 16v, but it's all a work in progress so anything can change Big Grin
The first step will be to attack all the rust and repaint (the 4E1 it's a nice color, but i have to admit that the panda color scheme always tempt me).
I will update anytime i'll do some major work!
Here some photos of the actual state of the 86

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05-06-2022, 09:53 PM
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Blaze's AE86
It's up to you, but 4E1 is a beautiful colour. Rust repairs like that are not easy but are usually worth it, so don't be discouraged.
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05-06-2022, 10:19 PM
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Blaze's AE86
I have a soft spot for the 4E1 color (my dad's Carina was painted in that hue) but I understand if you would respray in panda white. Wink
About the rear axle, you could check the firewall plate and see which axle it has. It's no guarantee of course, but it could give you a hint on what's inside. Axle code T282 is open diff and T283 is LSD

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05-07-2022, 01:00 AM
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Blaze's AE86
As for rust? I’ve seen a lot worse. Good luck with the resto

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05-09-2022, 05:22 PM
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Blaze's AE86
I must admit that the 4E1 it's much better in person! And it's growing on me, but still, there's plenty of time to decide Big Grin
Other than the two bad rust spot un the chassis, all the other points should be easy to fix (with new metal), i've never done anything like this and i'll try my best!
For now during the weekend i've stripped down and now i can properly start to hunt down all the rust spot.
I've managed to remove the windshield with the piano wire like advised in the manual, and i would say that worked great and it was fast and simple Smile
Onestly the parts that scare me the most it's the bureaucracy, here in Italy when it's something car related, it's simply a nightmare Crying
Anyway, in the next days i will finally start to see more bare metal and less rust Thumbs up!

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05-11-2022, 04:18 PM
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Blaze's AE86
Looks really cool, nice project!

What about a gold panda? You could use a metallic black color together with the gold metallic.
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