Nori Yaro returns to Mount Haruna with an AE86 and white FC

Check out this latest video by Nori Yaro, where he returns to Mount Haruna (mount Akina in Initial D) with a panda white Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 and a white Mazda RX7 FC:
Nori Yaro at Mount Haruna
First he checks out the course up the mountain, the starting line and the rental swan-boats.

Then downhill again with a visit to D’s Garage Racing Cafe, and a few more surprises:

Yes, D Garage definitely is the place to go if you are an Initial D fanboy.

After the visit to D’s Garage they visit the Fujiwara Tofu shop in the Ikaho Toy, Doll and Car museum in Ikaho. The shop front that was used on the live action movie, was actually applied to the tofu shop that inspired Shuichi Shigeno. It wasn’t 100% the same, but for the movie they adjusted the front of the shop to resemble the one used in the Manga. The owner of the shop never took the prop down. After the owner passed away a few years later and the shop got torn down, they moved the prop to this museum.

Direct link to video: Initial D for real! Driving Mt Haruna touge in the Tofu 86

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